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Tenzin Palmo & Pema Rinpoche: On Collective Stupor and Awakening

On Collective Stupor and Awakening

Tenzin Palmo & Pema Rinpoche

The Two-Part Formula, linked below, has helped 86/88 people awaken since 2014. I was asked by a friend to help him get awakened and when thinking about the best possible way to go about it, I remembered this technique from my previous life. I and Open Heart-students have offered extensive materials and testimonies on text, video and audio to explain it. It has worked for people who have done training with various traditional buddhist teachers from theravada, zen, Tibetan buddhism or advaita but haven't awakened. It actually works.

A few years ago I saw the wonderful Tenzin Palmo Ma say in her interview:

"It would be nice if someone would come along and find a method by which people could awaken. Even the Buddha couldn't do that."

When I have presented the Two-Part Formula on buddhist discussion forums and platforms with the hope of getting it out there to help those who seek a notable relief of suffering through seeing through their sense of self, I have been rejected, ridiculed and called by names. I was also told by these buddhist specialists that my interpretation of Palmo Ma's quote was false and that she wasn't referring to initial awakening in the first place.

Well, I contacted Tenzin Palmo and asked for her clarification. I explained who I was, (including how I got my name and title), how this technique came about and gave her links for the technique so that she could review it. I also told her about the awakening statistics that are presented at the website. This is her answer:

Tenzin Palmo:
Dear Pema Rinpoche,
Thank you for your email and for sharing the method you have developed for allowing people to recognise the true nature of unborn awareness. Indeed this initial awakening is the an essential component of the path. My lama Khamtrul Rinpoche said ‘Once you have seen the nature of the mind, then you can begin to meditate.’
So I rejoice that you are enabling so many practitioners to have this experience in such an approachable manner.
May the Dharma flourish for the benefit of all beings!
Tenzin Palmo

Pema Rinpoche:

Dear Tenzin Palmo Ma.

Thank you very much for your kind note.

When you said: ”It would be nice if someone would come along and find a method by which people could awaken. Even the Buddha couldn't do that”, did you specifically refer to initial awakening?

I started my buddhist path in zen until after several years had to change to tantric buddhism (then all this terton-ship started happening). My own experience after quite extensive study of tantric buddhism and dzogchen, mahamudra, zen and advaita is that such techniques that really hit at the mechanism of selfing, and especially subject-selfing, are very very rare which I feel is the reason why people are not waking up, that is, on individual level it is not very common for people to have that insight and on cultural level it is almost non-existent.

Tenzin Palmo:
Dear Pema Rinpoche,

Yes, when I mentioned about ‘awakening’ I was probably referring to that initial breakthrough into the nature of the mind rather than full-blown Enlightenment with radiating lights! Of course the realisation is to see through the fiction of the ego and enable a complete shift in consciousness.

Have you discussed your technique with any qualified Nyingma/Kagyu masters? After all the basic principles are familiar especially to dzogchen so it is not as though you were inventing anything new and radical. It all sounds very orthodox but you have given a clear method which is so essential to actuate the experience.

However I will recommend your method to some friends who have been practising for a long time and see if this can help them to make the ‘great leap forward’ (as Chairman Mao would say).

All good wishes in the Dharma,

Tenzin Palmo

Pema Rinpoche: 
Dear Tenzin Ma.

Thank you for those clarifications.

Yes, I have discussed this with a couple of nyingma lamas but I guess because they don't see people not getting awakened as an issue, like you and I do, they weren't really understanding or listening what was being offered to them. My impression is that Tibetan buddhists regardless of school are very self-sufficient, even if they knew that themselves or their students are not getting awakened.

And that's exactly right, I have not invented anything new. It's just a method for popping the little dictator sitting behind one's eyes for good.

It is very kind and vastly open minded of you to share the Two-Part Formula with your friends. I have never encountered such kindness from buddhists which is a really weird thing to say.
I don't mean to be intrusive but is there some lama you know who would have as open mind as you do and who would be willing to look into my materials?

Tenzin Palmo:
Dear Pema Rinpoche,
I think you hit the nail on the head with your observation that ‘Tibetan buddhists regardless of school are very self-sufficient….’. In other words since they believe that they already know everything of relevance about the Dharma, they are closed to any input outside their own system – especially from Westerners.
There are lamas who might be interested but nowadays it is so difficult to meet long enough with any of them to really discuss issues of relevance. As you know, mostly lamas teach their own approaches and are not interested in investigating other methods. Lamas are usually not even open to established meditation techniques in other Buddhist lineages outside Tibet.
Please do not despair. Eventually, like ripples in a lake gradually spreading out, more interest in your method will grow by word of mouth. Just keep sharing.
With all good wishes for your health and happiness,
In the Dharma,
Tenzin Palmo

I am presenting this quote just for clarifying the matter because apparently many have hard time accepting facts and understanding written word. If the presented hypothesis was analytically tested (which is all that is required), instead of superficially rejected, it wouldn't matter whether one believed in myself as a buddhist teacher and as a terton or not. But buddhists at large fail to keep an open mind if something is not formally approved by the elders. This the exact opposite what the Buddha, Dalai Lama and all great teachers have asked us to do. It puzzles me how literally thousands of people, according to the website statistics, have visited these materials and yet the Two-Part Formula hasn't spread like wildfire. Maybe it isn't buddhist enough.

I sincerely wish, like Tenzin Palmo Ma, that dharma could flourish collectively, this was her original context, but seeing how stoopid and stubborn us people of this dark age are, I think there is no change that true awakened dharma will be mainstream anytime soon. But I hope that on this I am totally wrong.

- Pema Rinpoche, 16.8.2017.

Two-Part Formula: