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Chatral Rinpoche: "We Are All Shiva Bhaktas"

Chatral Rinpoche: 
"We Are All Shiva Bhaktas"

"One instance of the manner in which Rinpoche could be unconventional, and which most people would not have been aware, prior to his passing away, caused many some surprise. This only emerged when the family compound in Parping (Nepal) was opened to the public. On the walls of the Lhakhang, which had been built inside the compound, were painted the Hindu deities of Shiva with his consort Parvati. On the left side of the shrine; Krishna with his consort Radha and their entourages along with various other representations of this kind. Directly in front of the temple entrance, and housed in its own separate building, a Shiva lingam (hindu symbol) of generous proportions.
To some traditional Buddhists, this would seem like a grave eccentricity in the Lama and something quite inexplicable.
However, Rinpoche had gone beyond the narrowness of needing to confine himself solely to the accepted and traditional Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. He saw no conflict of interests. What these images represent is an expression of ‘energy’ in its many and varied forms and this ‘energy’ is universal."

Account by Lyse Lauren, close disciple of Chatral Rinpoche

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According to Mr. Ian A Baker (click to Guru Viking interview), Chatral Rinpoche was said to have participated in a hindu festival on Shivaratri at Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu and to have had great interest towards hindu yogic practices of the Shaiva tradition. On other occasion he is said to have said, 

"We are all Shiva bhaktas".