tiistai 11. kesäkuuta 2019

Contemplation On Pricks, Assholes and Basics of Dharma

Contemplation On Pricks, Assholes and Basics of Dharma

I wonder if Sogyal Rinpoche, when forcing his young female follower to give him a blow job, felt that he was really nailing it and magnificiently fulfilling his task as a guru, or if he felt that he was making a really bad mistake, both as a guru and as a human being. Or when he punched the nun in the gut, or when he had childish fits over, for example, of not getting the type of ice cream he wanted. I wonder if he ever took a moment to contemplate if the punches and hittings with whatever the stick it was he liked hitting people with, were OK or not. I wonder if he has realised since what a cunt he has been, that is, on top of copycating the lamas who visited and taught in his place. I wonder if he feels he accomplished his work honourably or if he is able to authentically admit that he failed in a horrible way, damaging the lives of not only those he so badly abused but also those followers in his organisation who trusted him, who trusted the lamas of his lineage, who trusted vajrayana as a path and who trusted buddhist dharma. Does he realise he crushed the hearts of all these people by demanding his dick get sucked by his female assistants? And I wonder if he realises that for him there is no other option than to end up in awful hellish realms to assume a position such as a sex slave, getting forcibly taken over and over and over again. I wonder if he ever contemplated the meaning of karma, that the numerous generations of yogis had taught. Apparently not but then him being a lineage holder and all, what made him so convinced that he got anything perfectly right. This is something I've always thought in the many cases of all the bad apples out there.

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Similarly Trungpa Rinpoche, when hitting a line of coke, already on the verge of passing out due to being so drunk, after telling his security guards to bring the young couple back from their room, ordering them to strip naked, I wonder if it crossed his mind that he had become a deluded addict, a power corrupted asshole, and simply a total fuck up or if he felt he was really helping people to realise the empty nature of mind to put an end to samsara? Or when he tortured the cat to death with a blow torch? Did it ever cross his mind that perhaps he shouldn't hurt the cat or command people to strip naked in front of him or anyone else? Or that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to drink so much votka while lecturing of dharma, as he often passed out during and right after the talk, while basically talking nonsensical bullshit for one lecture after the other? Perhaps it was his charisma and wildness that made people so enthusiastic around him that reflected back to him. Perhaps him seeing the reaction of people, made him think he was brilliantly achieving the position of a holder of wisdom. Trungpa himself said that all of buddhism rests on hinayana but it looks like he didn't spend a moment contemplating how the basics of buddhism translate to actions because a large part of his actions were spoilt.

I am sorry of the many harsh words in this post but I saw no point in being artificial and decorating all the bad things these men and others like them, did.

Love and clarity is the true nature of all living beings, though covered with thick dirt as black and sticky as tar. Somehow, in countless ways and lifes, we find and loose, and again find and loose the way to reality. Along the way, we come up with ideas and interpretations that either take us closer to the reality or farther away from it, like these two pricks did.

For this reason, those on the path, should never ever loose the sight of ethics, should always exercise common sense and should ever hold on to the feet of a mahasiddha guru. Otherwise, there is no end to reincarnation.

May All Beings Be Free,

Kim Katami,
Open Heart Sangha,