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16th Karmapa Goes Blue In The Face

16th Karmapa Goes Blue In The Face

Few years ago I read a short story written by someone in the internet about the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje. At the time of reading it, I didn't copy the story and since have tried to find the source a couple of times, without luck. However, I remember the gist of the story well so I'll present it, as I remember having read it.

The 16th Karmapa was the head of the Kagyu school during his lifetime and because of his position he was sometimes required to attend meetings of the Kagyu-school that dealt with whatever running matters of the large organisation.

It was written by someone who I recall was physically present at such meetings that as the 16th Karmapa was sitting at his place around a round table or something like that, he would sometimes turn blue in his face. Apparently, some of the things discussed in the meetings were so boring to him so he started doing some yogic practices holding his breath, that made his face turn blue!

I think it is a fantastic little story, which like the above linked story entitled 16th Karmapa's Stage, give a sense of the stage of his practice.

May All Beings Be Free,

-Kim, 14.1.2020

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