torstai 21. helmikuuta 2019

The Future of Open Heart

The Future of Open Heart

by Kim Katami

Hello everyone. Here are some of my thoughts about the future of Open Heart. I'll be brief but we will return later.

Teachings Free of Charge

1. I would like Open Heart teachings to be free of charge. This includes Guidances to Awakening, Open Heart Yoga (incl. empowerments and techniques) and basically everything else that is now charged for. I want this because I wish all our practices to be given freely to anyone who is interested. There are many people out there who seek for the help we could offer them. To lower the treshold to get people to try or practices, it is best that they are freely given.

Events Free of Charge

2. I would like Open Heart retreats to be free of charge or with a very minimal fee. I wish to establish Open Heart as a strong yogic tradition that offers in-depth training and regular monthly retreats to those who wish to know themselves and those who wish to become professional yogis, i.e. existential professionals, guides and teachers. I feel there is need not only for effective system of training for lay people but a real need for trained yogis who have the skills and expertise to help others in their existential misery. At the moment, this sector of professionals doesn't really exist in the Western and world society.

Open Heart as Spiritual Congregation

3. I wish to establish Open Heart not as a business but as a spiritual/religious congregation. I wish Open Heart to be run like a church, based firmly on common ethics, which offers help to people primarily in the form of yogic practices but also in classical forms of relief, such as providing food and shelter to poor people wherever they may be.

Teachers and other personnel would be employees on monthly payroll, like christian priests and workers.

Open Heart Training Center

4. I wish to establish a proper training center(/s) somewhere, likely first in Europe since most of our practitioners are now here, where free teachings and retreats are held. This center will serve as a training facility as well as a home of Open Heart Sangha. Anyone who meets the basic requirements of honesty, sincerity and personal effort is welcome to stay for as long as they wish, free of charge or by minimal fee.

These are the four main points that I feel should be the future of Open Heart.

More later.

-Kim Katami