torstai 20. kesäkuuta 2019

Singing and Dancing Your Way to Buddhahood

Singing and Dancing
Your Way to Buddhahood

Versatility of Vajrayana Buddhist Training

When we think of ”meditative training” or ”buddhist training”, we often associate it with something hard and strict, something that requires great efforts and commitment from us, together with a lifestyle that might not be attractive or at all suitable for us. Well, yeah, that's how most buddhist training is, because most buddhist schools look at the path as something very hard and demanding. However, not all schools and methods are the same.

I do not mean to give the impression that there is a easy path to enlightenment because there isn't, but vajrayana in general, and Open Heart in particular, are paths that have many types of practices and in general, is light and relaxed, not heavy and strained.

For example, one of the exercises we practice in Open Heart is putting your favourite music on and dancing to it. What? Really!? Yes. Anything, including dancing to music can be excellent practice of atiyoga (tib. dzogchen) and offer as much ground for wisdom and insight, as for example, sitting practice. Read more from Open Heart Preliminary Practices booklet and get your dancing shoes!

Open Heart Preliminary Practices-booklet can be read and downloaded here:

-Kim, 20.6.2019