perjantai 25. syyskuuta 2020

Heartmind of a Buddha


Heartmind of a Buddha

Removal of self-based ignorance and discovering the natural radiance of all good qualities, are the main tasks of meditation.

First, the sense of limited self is removed from all mind phenomena through emptiness meditation.

Then, all good qualities, like immaculate purity, kindness and sweetness, radiate freely, as the enlightened nature of the buddha within is openly expressed.

Heartmind of a buddha, nature of wakefulness, has no stain in it.

Those who seize it, have not the palest of shadows in their minds, not during the day, not during the night.

When delusion caused by the self dies, it doesn't suffer pain. When the self has died, it is dead for good and does not resurrect.

When the self is dead, actions do not leave a trail like a flying bird doesn't leave footprints.


In the heartmind of a buddha, thoughts come only to express pureness and goodness. Pureness and goodness is what our wakeful nature is. Our foundation is entirely good and pure, and in the life of a buddha only good actions take place. This is like a meadow of beautiful flowers entirely devoid of weeds. Thoughts are expressions of buddhanature. There is no one who doesn't have this potential.

In the heartmind of a buddha, there is no thought of harm or doubt. In the heartmind of a buddha, there is no sneakiness or darkness. In the heartmind of a buddha there are no hidden currents or unpleasant secrets. Subconscious mind has turned into a body of awakening without blind spots or sudden impulses.

The heartmind of a buddha is awake and clear, positive and understanding, loves and cares, is pure and good, is simple and joyful without any reason. The is no one who doesn't have such innate sincerity and love as their ground. There is no one who doesn't have this mind of perfect loving wakefulness. You have it, I have it, everyone you ever met, has the heartmind of a buddha.

Have trust in the teaching of the past greats and like them make dharma your own. There is no reason to be a beggar, no reason to feel all the turmoil and confusion, other than your own habits and beliefs. Know yourself as love! Know yourself as goodness! Know that only the sense of me-ness prevents you from being a wakeful buddha.

-Kim Katami, 25.9.2020

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