tiistai 19. huhtikuuta 2022

Pemako as Fusion Tantra

Pemako as Fusion Tantra

The past year and post-10th bhumi purification specifically has lead me back to hindu practices and empowerments some of which I have already passed on to my students (Dasha Mahavidya last November). They are way more efficient in connecting the physical body with the enlightened mind and therefore accomplishes the outer marks of rainbow body more effectively than buddhist practices. I could add observations from my own practice but later.

I love to be back with hindu practices and masters. It's a whole new venue after buddhism and of course will and already has changed the tone and feel of Pemako. It is so joyful, playful, light and blissful, and from this perspective more complete than the character that buddhism creates. We've already talked many times about dropping "buddhism" but in addition to that I started to feel that we should come out as fusion tantrics who openly practice both hindu and buddhist tantra.

I am writing the buddha book at present and will explain the justification for using both deities in there. I remember that this was very common back in the mahasiddha era days when after mahayana view had developed and folks were applying it to their hindu tantric practices (which over time developed into buddhist tantra with its distinct feel, tone and purpose). Like I've said, I actually think that buddhadharma wasn't supposed to create a new religion but fix the problems and mistakes of the old one, hinduism, or that's how I see it. Interestingly we have now arrived at that same position, after many years of study, development and results of buddhist tantra and practices. There are practical reasons to "mix kitchens" but I also think this will soften and make Pemako more approachable to those interested in yoga and tantra.

-Kim Rinpoche, 19.4.2022