torstai 15. lokakuuta 2020

Relationships Based on Trust and Respect


Relationships Based on

Trust and Respect

Buddhists talk about samaya which means a relationship based on trust and respect. We need to treat all aspects of our lives with respect and kindness, so that things won't turn against us and cause us problems.

Samaya is important in all kinds of relationships, between friends, companions, parents and children, people and their pets, people and their surroundings and people and nature. If we don't treat our friends respectfully, friendship will come to an end. If we behave hatefully towards our companions, distrust is created and that will inevitably pull the couple apart. Children who have been treated badly by their parents, don't want to hear of their parents because there is no trust. Dogs that have been yelled at or kicked, are nervous and bite their owners. Mother Earth, that together with the Sun, provides everything we need to live, but when treated with disrespect, it creates mass fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and hurricanes to indicate that such disrespectful treatment will not be tolerated. Respectful treatment is crucial even between our minds and bodies. If we treat our bodies badly, it creates illness. If we behave selfishly, everything that is good turns against us. We turn our Pure Land, our paradise, into a living hell. This is the consequence of self-based ignorance.


All life is good. All humans are basically good. All life is basically good. All life is imbued with immense kindness and radiates happiness. We are nurtured, protected and taken care of from the beginning. We have the power to change things for the good. We have the power to heal ourselves and others. We have the power to stop things from getting worse. We have the power to heal. We can re-establish trust and respect because all beings have the nature of perfect enlightenment.

Kim, 15.10.2020

Pemako Buddhism,

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