maanantai 5. lokakuuta 2020

Open Secrets of the Rainbow Body


Open Secrets of the Rainbow Body

To practice atiyoga means to recognise the utterly obvious and simple freedom and peace that is already present in the body and in the mind. The so called great perfection isn't anything else but this simple, naked, joyful, playful and restful reality that already permeates our being and our day to day life. Simple presence is here, and here, and here... All life rests in this great perfection and is an embodiment of it. This is not advanced spirituality or "advanced dharma", it is the reality right now. Free of drama... Simple... Clear... In this presence all beings are equal.
To remind about this simplicity here is a picture of Dilgo Rinpoche, a fully enlightened man.

Receiving and giving a loving hug,

Smiling and laughing together with friends and strangers,

Dancing with joy, enjoying a drink,

Surrendering to love, offering a helping hand

Feeling and sharing ways of happiness, and

Healing those who are ill,

-Are all methods of thogal,

Ways to attain the great perfection of love and light.

- Kim Katami 

Pemako Buddhism,

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