maanantai 14. helmikuuta 2022

Awakening and the Two-Part Formula


Awakening and the Two-Part Formula

Hi people,

I spent over 30 years as a seeker and many years practicing traditional methods of buddhism and hinduism, yet not finding what I was seeking. I practiced my butt off, followed all instructions to the letter day and night but they just didn't do the job. I remained as a seeker despite of great efforts.

Over many years as a full time teacher I've heard the exact same story again and again from people who've followed all kinds of methods, often growing as frustrated and disillusioned about traditional methods, as I did. But then they stumbled upon Pemako teachings and things started changing fast, in some cases literally in hours or days.

There is a stubborn belief out there that there are no techniques that can generate awakening experiences, that is, practices that make the wakeful nature of all beings appear "on-demand". It is true, a simple fact, that most traditions do not have such practices and this is unfortunate but it is not universally true that such practices wouldn't exist at all. They do. These techniques exist in Pemako as well as in forms of Tibetan buddhism.

Long story short, here are the instructions of the so-called Two-Part Formula. It is a technique that, when properly applied, generates the first awakening. According to statistics kept by myself and our other teachers, more than 200 people have awakened by using this technique. It has done the job for all kinds of people from young to old, from working people to professors, men and women.

It doesn't matter, whether you believe it or not. What matters is that it works. It is a practice that you can yourself try. Give it a go, try and see. No strings attached.

Learn the practice, download a book about it, watch guided sessions and lectures about it - all free of charge.