tiistai 19. tammikuuta 2016

Awakened on their experiences

Awakened on their experiences

All who answered were awakened one year or more before. They all said that awakening has brought a permanent change to their being although there is still momentary attachment to emotional states in their minds. Everyone of them also said that the effect of awakening hasn't worn out. Therefore it is an attainment that is permanent and irreversible.

More information about Guidance to Awakening may be found at the Open Heart-website: http://www.en.openheart.fi/

  • What awakening has meant for you? What kind of change has it made in your life?

Answer: It is the most impressive and profound change in my life. There is no longer a need to imagine me being this or that. No need to seek explanations and relief from books, treatments and no need to forcibly alter the ways of thinking in any way. There is no need to fortify self-knowledge or define what I am, what I like and what I don't like. It is enough to be. There is no need to seek anything. There is a natural distance to emotions, thoughts and events that formerly created a chaos in my mind. Being calm has increased in my life and the extremes from the height of blissful happiness to gloom and depression has dropped off.

Answer: Awakening has brought clarity to my life. Meditation is easier. I feel more relaxed. Inner peace has increased. I understand the things happening around me better. Acceptance and tolerance have increased. I am able to notice the happenings around me in more detail as if my ability to be mindful has come better. It feels as if the state of meditation is ”on” all the time.

Answer: Awakening has dropped off the constant and never ending need to search for ”truth”. Awakening has brought more humour, relaxation, patience, courage and also sense of responsibility and compassion towards others.
Answer: I've stopped complaining. Satisfaction has increased. Everything I have in my life is enough and good. If there is some resistance, unpleasant feelings or even anger, the first thing that comes to mind is not that this nasty thing has to disappear of my life. Instead this emotion may be calmly looked at, and seen from where and how it arises and how it ceases. So there is no instant reaction, it can merely be witnessed. It is a great satisfaction that nothing is so serious or personal anymore. If one has lived 30 years feeling guilt and shame, the dropping of that load is an immense relief. Life has become straightforward, natural, even easy. Meeting people has become easier as the inner voice is no longer judging myself or the other person. The other person may have his or her space. A desire to control things has decreased. Acceptance and trust to life and people has increased.

Answer: After awakening, the inner peace and stability are found more easily than before.

Answer: Awakening has given a context for the whole so called spiritual path. In many ways it has brought lightness and clarity to my being. It is easier to experience and accept everything that arises in my experience as there is no longer a personal connection to it. There are still many sensations that make my being feel difficult and personal but they become accepted more easily. Life is what it is. If there is an ”embarrassing” situation, for example, which previously I had felt shameful about, now it doesn't feel so strong and often circumstances like this just make me smile. Old fears and all the thoughts in connection to them do arise but these are also seen as natural ”bubbling” and they don't bring despair. Seen from the outside, I may appear slightly absent but nevertheless I am not, it's just that there is no hurry anymore. In overall I'd say that my actions are more incontinent and creative. Being with people is more direct.

Answer: Awakening was a moment among other moments but a big step towards the right direction on the spiritual path. Through it I have been able to live my life more in a state of truthfulness where the conditioned thoughts don't colorize the direct experience. And this means everything.