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Full list of my teachers and masters

Full list of my teachers and masters

This is a list of various spiritual, meditative, healing, fine art and martial art teachers from whom I've learned and studied with along the years. Here, by learning, I mean learning of some solid teachings which have then helped me to deepen my own understanding. Of course there are many other people; teachers, practitioners and friends from many different traditions who I still keep in touch with and have dialogues.
Teachers with a physical body (not in a specific order)

  • Sara Simons (Sivakami Om Anandi, American), liberated teacher, laywoman and a lineage holder of Mahasiddha Thirumular, Babaji and the mahasiddhas. My heart teacher.
  • Terayama Tanchu Sensei (1938-2007, Japanese). Master of Zen, Budo/Ken and Sho. Founder of the Hitsuzenkai -zen calligraphy community of Japan. Dharma heir of Omori Sogen Roshi and successor of Yokoyama Tenkei Sensei from Jubokudo school of calligraphy.
  • Harada Shodo Roshi (1940- , Japanese). Zen master of the Rinzai school. Founder of the worldwide One Drop Zen-organization. Dharma heir of Yamada Mumon Roshi.
  • Harada Tangen Roshi, the Old Buddha (Japanese). Zen master of the Sanbo Kyodan school. Dharma heir of Harada Daiun Sogaku Roshi.
  • Sante Poromaa & Kanja Odland. Zen teachers of the Zenbuddhistiska Samfundet, based in Sweden.
  • Mingyur Rinpoche, Mahamudra and Dzogchen-master, son of Tulku Urgyen.
  • John Lewis (British), Founder of the Finnish School of Shiatsu.
  • Zhang Changwang (Chinese), Yiquan master in the lineage of Yao Zongxun and Wang Xiangzhai.
  • Takemi Sasamori (Japanese), head master (soke) of Ono-ha Itto Ryu kenjutsu.
  • Hiruta Sensei (Japanese), head of the Ichikukai Dojo in Tokyo (zen and shintoist misogi-practices).
  • Dogen Christophe Pontal (French), martial arts teacher and a long time student of Harada Shodo Roshi (zen), soke Shiokawa Terushige (martial arts) and Kanshu Sunadomari Sensei (Founder of Manseikan Aikido, successor of the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba).
  • Ashok Immaneni, A liberated mystic and a teacher of mantric and Indian vocals.
  • Rami Salo (Finnish), Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan teacher.
  • Pasi Pölönen (Finnish), Yiquan teacher in the tradition of Zhang Changwang.
  • Juhani Kuittinen (Finnish), Aikido teacher, Shumpukai.
  • Jyrki Rytilä (Finnish), Daitoryu Aikijujutsu Takumakai (5. dan), one-on-one
  • Petteri Silenius (Finnish), Aikido teacher (Aikikai 6. dan), one-on-one
  • Peter Rocca, Soto Zen-teacher in the lineage of Gudo Nishijima Roshi.
  • Sri Mata Amritananda Mayi Devi (Indian), World known ”Hugging Saint”.
  • Paramahamsa Prajnanananda (Indian), Kriya Yoga master, a successor of Paramahamsa Hariharananda.
  • 14th Dalai Lama (Tibetan), Both political and spiritual leader of Tibet, head of the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Lama Thubten Gonpo Tsering

Masters without a physical body

Received teachings named after each master. You can find information of these mahasiddhas by web search.

  • Mahasiddha Thirumular. My root guru. One of the legendary Shaivite saints. Author of Thirumandiram which is considered one of the most important root texts of Shaivite tantrism.
    Teachings received: Basic and advanced yoga tantra, Diamond Body-practices.
  • Mahasiddha Babaji. An immortal yogi-master known to world through Yogananda's Autobiography of A Yogi. Babaji is the silently guiding hand behind spiritually oriented martial arts, among other things.
    Teachings received: Basic and advanced yoga tantra, and Zen Budo (taught by myself).
  • Mahasiddha Bogarnatha. Great immortal master of yoga tantra, alchemy, medicine and science. Teachings received: Advanced yoga tantra.
  • Mahasiddha Agastya. Great immortal master known of many classic texts of various topics.
    Teachings received: Advanced yoga tantra. 
  • Mahasiddha Padmashambhava, Great Dzogchen-master.
    Teachings received: Thogal - Immortal Diamond Body-practice and Yangti. 
  • Mahasiddha Vimalamitra. Great Dzogchen-master. 
    Teachings received: Vimalamitra Yoga (physical series), Wisdom Meditations (shamatha and vipashyana), Dzogchen Thogal (Rainbow Body-practices, Dzogchen) and Yangti, and two distinct types of rigpa as taught in Dzogchen.
  • Mahasiddha Garab Dorje. Great Dzogchen-master. The same person as Swami Sri Yukteswar, a great master of Kriya Yoga, guru of Paramahamsa Yogananda. Teachings received: Two distinct types of rigpa as taught in Dzogchen.
  • Mahasiddha Machig Lapdron (Tibetan). Great Tibetan lady mystic and a yogini. Teachings received: Complete Chöd-teachings and Tibetan Hatha Yoga (taught by  Open Heart).
  • Mahasiddha Ayu Khandro (Tibetan, 1839–1953). Great 20th century yogini from Tibet who attained Rainbow Body through Dzogchen and Tantric practices. Spent over 80 years of her life in solitary retreat.
    Teachings received: Tibetan Heart Yoga-teachings offered by Samadhi Path.
  • Mahasiddha Lieh Tsu or Liezi (Chinese). Immortal master, one of the founding fathers of Taoism.
    Teachings received: Tai Chi Chuan and the essence of internal martial arts.
  • Mahasiddha Zhang Sanfeng (Chinese). Immortal master, one of the founding fathers of Taoism, considered the founder of Tai Chi Chuan, the Chinese martial and health art.
    Teachings received: Tai Chi Chuan and the essence of internal martial arts. 
  • Mahasiddha Dampa Sangye. Teachings received: Mahamudra Chöd and yoga tantra.
  • Gogen Yamaguchi (1909-1989), Master of Okinawan Karate.
    Teachings received: Essence of budo.  
  • O-sensei Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), Founder of Aikido.
    Teachings received: Chinkon Kishin and kototama, art of kiai and the essence of budo. Initiations to Shinto deities.

I still continue to receive instructions from different mahasiddhas, as well as communicate with physical teachers as well.

I am humbly greatful for the friendship, help and guidance I've received from all of these teachers and master. My heartfelt gratitude and bows to all of them!

- Kim, 9.1.2015.
Updated: 31.1.2016.