perjantai 5. lokakuuta 2018

Overcoming Sexual Trauma Through Awakening

Overcoming Sexual Trauma
Through Awakening

This is an account written by Open Heart-practitioner, who awakened when trying the Two-Part Formula for the first time. Since then, for about one year, she has engaged in Open Heart Yoga.

I was groomed and abused when I was 6, and again when I was 15 years old. I lived with anxiety, bouts of depression, bitterness and anger for many years. I am 46 now. I didn't really like myself very much and I didn't think others did either. I was snappy and impatient. This is not a victim story, by the way. Awakening took away the sharp edges and I calmed down. I saw life with more clarity. My perspective did a 180 degree change and I began to love more fearlessly. It's like a type of freedom. People gravitate towards me now... Who knew?

I've been through horrendous dark nights though but once they're over the pain drops away and there is meaning behind them. I was also able to forgive the enablers as I realised they had also been victims.

I feel lighter. I'm not chancing that all the pain has gone but with awakening and dark nights came a clarity and peace I've never felt. This is not a survivor story either. This is just me sharing with you how Open Heart practice has changed my life. This is how this practice helps the minds of the vulnerable and I guarantee there will be more stories like mine. Open Heart wisdom is spreading. I was guided to Open Heart and seized the opportunity. Without Open Heart I would probably have given up. This is my truth. It may sound like a pity party but it's not. It's amazing. Thank you.”