sunnuntai 11. lokakuuta 2020

Birgit's Awakening


Birgit's Awakening

I am sharing here a bit and photographs from Birgit's guidance to awakening that she did with Ugi.


Birgit from Germany awakened!

Here's her final two reports:

"Dear Ugi,
Today I felt very supported in the selfless space. I called the ego and got light pressure on my head. Not quite as helmet-like as before, but rather individual pressure points. I felt into it, but there is nothing behind it. These points dissolve when I feel them. And then I had a tingling and buzzing in and around my whole body, as if I was dissolving. As if the body was dissolving.
When I think about the I, I think about my body and my appearance at the same time. But this is not the I, because this is somehow changeable.
I think the I exists only as a thought. But what is it that reacts flattered or happy or angry?"

And the final one:

"Dear Ugi,
yesterday it was very quiet inside me, I felt carried, and the noise, which usually prevails in my head, was no longer there. The volume control was probably turned to "quiet". And I had the subtle knowledge that I had unmasked it:
There's no one there inside of me. There is no I. There is no "control center" in me from which everything emanates. It is empty within me.
When I called the 'I' this time, it sounded different in me. No longer meaningful, rather meaningless. It had no effect on my feelings, because I knew that there was nothing there.
A slight, barely perceptible head pressure, perhaps, but even that had no meaning. I never left the selfless room.
I felt very calm and carried all day long. And practiced to perceive myself in the selfless space.
Even today everything feels very light. Unconcerned I watch the newsfeed on FB, which usually takes me quite emotionally. It all feels very wide inside me. Like I said, rather uninvolved in terms of the outer life.
I feel comfortable inside me. The topic, which has been on my mind and emotions for the last year, has retreated into the background. I feel freer and can enjoy life very much.
The tightness in my body is no longer there and in my head it is perhaps still minimal. But that has no relevance either.
Thoughts and feelings just come. They arise as naturally as my heartbeat or breathing or the functions of my organs. They also leave again when I let them.
Many greetings and a happy Sunday,

Before awakening (left) and after awakening (right)

Guidance to Awakening: