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Living Buddhas in the Amrita Mandala Sangha (updated 10/2022)


Living Buddhas in the Amrita Mandala Sangha (updated 10/2022)

Dear Amrita Mandala Sangha and Friends,

Today I have the pleasure to tell you that fourteen (number updated 5th of October 2022) people has finished their purification process (bhumis 1-10). In other words, these people have reached what in buddhism is known as ”exhaustion of all phenomena”. In other words, they have attained buddhahood*.

*buddhahood and mahasiddhahood are used synonymously in this text. This refers of realising the emptiness of all phenomena, i.e. attaining perfect wakefulness for the sake of all beings.

I keep this message intentionally short just to tell you the rough sketch of what has transpired in our sangha during the past few months, and save the details for the second edition of my What's Next-book that I plan to publish in early 2022.

Saying that someone has attained buddhahood can sound weird, outrageous or highly suspicious in the ears of many, especially if one is not used to discussing attainments publicly but we practice pragmatic dharma and discuss attainments and practices openly. I understand that for those who are unfamiliar with our practices and path map, called the 13 Bhumi Model, these news might appear strange. However, to those who are familiar with the efficacy our method, and the regular reports of our sangha members and teachers, these are news received with joy. That our sangha members have attained buddhahood, is a sign that Pemako method does indeed deliver the ultimate result, along with results that preceed it that we have documented and reported extensively for many years.

To me personally, as the founder and head teacher of AM, these are awesome news. I have waited this for a long time, but I was sure that one day when the way has been paved, the day would come. And it did! I think that even if we are just a small group doing our own thing somewhere in the periphery of the world of yoga and dharma, the fact that our sangha members have begun to arrive at the end stop of mahayana buddhist practice, has some historical significance.

To have attained mahasiddhas anywhere in the world is very rare (for various reasons which I have often discussed) but to have Western-born mahasiddhas on the Western hemisphere, you could say, is something completely new and different in the modern history. Apart from ancient orthodox christian tradition, I don't think there has been mahasiddhas outside Asia during the past few thousand years and this is why I think we are witnessing a significant historical event. That we have fully enlightened members in our sangha, also gives a very different vibe and feel to our whole community and our activities in the form of courses and retreats.

Face to Face with Buddhanature-video in youtube

Thank you for reading.

Ton of blessings of clarity and love to all,

-Baba, 26.9.2021


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