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Living Buddhas in Amrita Mandala Sangha (updated 1/2024)


Living Buddhas in Amrita Mandala Sangha (updated 1/2024)

Dear Amrita Mandala Sangha and Friends,

Today I have the pleasure to tell you that twenty-one (number updated 4th of January 2024) people has finished their purification process (bhumis 1-10). In other words, these people have reached what in buddhism is known as ”exhaustion of all phenomena”. In other words, they have attained buddhahood*.

*buddhahood and mahasiddhahood are used synonymously in this text. This refers of realising the emptiness of all phenomena, i.e. attaining perfect wakefulness for the sake of all beings.


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Face to Face with Buddhanature-video in youtube

Thank you for reading.

Blessings of clarity and love to all,



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