tiistai 14. kesäkuuta 2022

Authentic Spirituality


Authentic Spirituality

Some might think that the present culture of practice-based spirituality is high level. Some might think that because nonduality, mindfulness and insight meditation are so widely practiced, that this would be some sort of peak of spiritual culture. It is certainly true that the present worldwide culture is better than nothing but just because there are millions of unawakened or little-awakened people doing these practices, this is actually light years away of genuine awakening-based spirituality. I would even say that when all these things are taught by popular teachers who have low level of realization, it does as much harm as it does good, at places at least. So the way I see it is that the present dharma culture is really not that great because it has huge limitations.

To establish a true culture of dharma first of all we need few requirements: 1) fully enlightened teachers (instead of partially enlightened), who teach 2) a tested and proven method (instead of practices that are partially or entirely irrelevant to awakening) that is systematical and works like any mechanical device, 3) students who have the ability to listen, follow the instructions and do the work and 4) resources to facilitate the activities.

The main problem in dharma today is that there are no proper standards when it comes to the level of awakening of teachers and practices that people are given. It’s a one big bundle of mess and yet most people don’t really seem to care. The problem is that people don't really know what the whole path from unawakened state to the fully awakened state constitutes of. They don't have a manual and practices that would take them there, step by step. You're just being told to continue whatever one or two techniques even if your practice has plateaud long ago. There are no standards and one generation after the other the blind or ones who have little vision lead the blind. And most people are completely unaware of this believing and trusting that in the end it will somehow work out. Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” It is truly puzzling how the highly educated Westerners who have some understanding of logic and mechanisms, don't seem to be able to think outside the box and come up with solutions and applications that would enable them to recognize the awake mind.

Like everything else, dharma - that art of awakening - can be viewed and applied logically and scientifically. And it has to be to make a true difference in the lives of individuals and societies.

In the place of the present teachers and teachings, I’d like to see thousand fully enlightened teachers - mahasiddhas - teaching people practices that work instantly. Until then all of it is just a waste of potential, opportunity and in fact, a display of self-based delusion.

Dudjom Vajra, 14.6.2022