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Jarmo's Experiences with Pemako


Jarmo's Experiences with Pemako

Trying to figure out what to do with my life in my early twenties, I came into an existential crisis. So I started reading various spiritual books from many different traditions and teachers. I also started practicing meditation/yoga. While I felt that I made progress, eventually I came to the conclusion that I need help from someone with more experience.

In my search, I came across Kim’s blog. After having read a lot of spiritual texts and watched videos on youtube, of which many seemed to be just parroting information, I felt that what I was reading here was written by someone with authentic/living experience. There was also the 2-part formula, which I started applying right away. I emailed Kim and he guided me through the process.

I was happy having reached certainty about the path, but eventually felt that I could do more. I took part in an empowerment to the yoga, and the effects of it could be felt very clearly right away. This gave me conviction in the method. I was happy to have effective tools in clearing the subconscious mind.

After this, my main problem has been with motivation. My life situations have changed a lot in the past few years, which has brought up a lot of stuff to deal with; fear, sadness and anger, accompanied by tiredness. Fortunately the sangha, meetings and retreats (whether live or online) have been helpful in all this. There has been a lot of talk and advice on how to deal with dark nights and how to incorporate the practice into your daily life in a way that is enjoyable.

Even now, I’m experiencing a fog of negative emotions, but I don’t feel as much handicapped by them as before. The reasons for this are that, 1; The emotions that have surfaced, get subtler and less gripping over time, and 2; I know from previous cycles of dark nights, that this too will pass eventually. It’s just a matter of applying the practice.

About Kim as a teacher: If you’re used to teachers who are always soft in their words, you’ll find that Kim can sometimes come off as bit harsh. Without understanding the concept of wratful compassion, this might lead one to question his realization. As I work in a school, I know very well that sometimes being harsh and direct is the best way to help a student (even though he/she probably won’t see it that way at the time). I would also describe Kim as very sincere, caring and hard working person. Rest of the teaching staff are also very experienced and helpful.

All in all, I’d challenge anyone to find a better working path to go through the whole spiritual journey. With Pemako, you get excellent instructions and tools from start to finish, coupled with a clear path-map and support from the teachers and sangha along the way.

Written by Jarmo from Helsinki, Finland