torstai 19. toukokuuta 2022

Sandra's Experiences with Pemako


Sandra's Experiences with Pemako

I was already awakened when I started Pemako practice, but the practice changed incredibly fast and very much.

Before I came to Pemako, I had already been meditating for many years, often for many hours, and had many different meditation experiences. I also had experience with various physical forms of yoga. I even trained as a yoga teacher. Over the years I have learned various breathing techniques and also how to chant mantras. What has changed with and through the Pemako practice?

It may sound strange, but thanks to Rinpoche's and Ugi's guidance, I felt for the first time what real relaxation is. I used to think I had to do an incredible amount of work, sitting for hours and studying instructions, in order for anything to happen in my meditation practice. Since I really relax on the meditation cushion and don't just sit rigidly there, suddenly something happens.

Bhumis have opened up in a very short time. Nothing has changed and yet somehow everything has. I feel much more spaciousness around me, much more clarity, as if someone had vacuumed my aura. Everything around me feels wider and clearer. It's like layer after layer is showing up, with specific issues and challenges, then clearing. Many things and issues that used to trigger me a lot now feel lighter.Of course there are ups and downs, but the rashes don't feel as severe anymore. I can now feel Bodhicitta, the love for all beings, with every fiber of my being.

For years I suffered from pain, depression and insomnia, since I have been practicing relaxed, this has also changed for the better.It feels a bit like a light has gone on that is not going out anymore. I can feel the natural state and realize it is the same from a certain point whether I practice asanas or not.

I carry the practice in my heart and now use almost every moment to surrender to it. I feel like there is nothing left to look for. I just get to practice and let things be as they are.

I was searching and tense all the years before without realizing that it is much easier to let go and really relax the body when I trust my body. That was and is a key point for me.

A very good friend of mine, who is very sensitive and can perceive many things, recently said to me, somehow you feel very different. Your energy is completely different. She said it all feels so clarified and yet grounded. To me that sums up well what I experience through and in Pemako practice, clarity, the natural state and a good grounding.

I am very happy and grateful to be able to practice in this way.

Written by Sandra from Berlin, Germany