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Yuki's Experiences with Pemako


Yuki's Experiences with Pemako

I have been practicing Pemako teaching for about one year in total. Before I met Pemako, I practiced many forms of mindfulness meditations for seven years. Unfortunately, most of them did not work well with me.  They left me with various side-effects in my nervous system and the longer I practiced them the worse they got.  Later, through the writings and Youtube videos by Kim Rinpoche, I found out that these side-effects are called prana-problems, mistakenly called Kundalini syndrome by the spiritual community at large, caused by willful use of attention or pranic energy, often based on "own-power" approach to spiritual practice, and that the remedy is in practices that tune into the energy of awareness instead, which are based on "other-power" approach, such as Guru yoga or even just a simple prayer.  Kim Rinpoche's advice seemed to have struck just the right blind-spot in my practice, and thanks to his advice, the problems I had are now mostly gone.

Interestingly, this was but one of many examples, where Pemako teaching addressed a particular difficulty I faced and provided me with a solution that seemed counterintuitive at first, but actually  went right to the heart of it.  Be it Two-part Formula for someone searching in vain to find awakening, Dynamic Concentration for someone struggling to stabilize the basic state after awakening, or thirteen Bhumi Model for someone uncertain of their extent of emptiness realization, one will find in Pemako teaching the right mix of ingredients that nudge one in the right direction regardless of where one is on the spiritual path that goes all the way to Buddhahood. 

Kim Rinpoche masterfully explains to us the basic principles behind the practices in a clear and pragmatic manner, but most importantly, takes our hands and directly points out our basic nature, so that we are not left in the dark whether in our understanding or in our own direct experience.  Such clear and deep understanding combined with pragmatism and intuitive and direct demonstration seem very rare and I am very grateful for having found Pemako teaching, Kim Rinpoche, and the Pemako Sangha.

Written by Yuki from Tokyo, Japan