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Bhumi Study Series, Part 5: Open Heart-teachers

Bhumi Study Series, Part 5
Open Heart-teachers

Bhumi Study Series presents information on many of the contemporary gurus, lamas and spiritual teachers, and their respective spiritual attainments, or bhumis. This study has been conducted by two founding teachers of the Open Heart-method, Kim Katami and Pauliina Katami on the basis of photographs available about the concerned persons. For more info on Open Heart, go to

Familiarizing yourself with the Open Heart bhumi-system is recommended, in order to understand what this series is about. Read "Stages of Spiritual attainment" and go through Kim Katami's video documentation on the topic to get a better picture of what bhumis are. Studying and understanding bhumis in this manner is a deep subject which requires meditation and analytical skills. One may or may not be able to discern the outcome of this study series without extensive practice experience. On the other hand, the differences are quite easily seen when studied attentively and when the information is offered in context as has been done here, where one may compare between teachers, right next to each other. The study has been divided into several categories. As the Open Heart-bhumi model is universal, it applies regardless of possible differences in methods used by distinctive traditions.

This series has first been published in 2016. Of teachers who still inhabit their bodies, we have used, as new photos as possible to keep it relevant. Of deceased teachers, we have used photos, that have been as close to their demise as possible, and which therefore embody their highest attainment.

This Bhumi Study Series has been made public in order to bring awareness, lucidity and clarity to the present spiritual culture of the world by explaining and showing what many of our well known teachers have actually been able to attain. There is much confusion and lack of clarity about this topic, so we wanted to clarify this matter from our part, for the benefit of all.  

May this study help and serve many in their understanding and study of the path of mind training.

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 Open Heart-teachers

  1. Kim Katami
  2. Tiia Maaninen 
  3. Verna Miettunen
  4. PH
  5. Special case: Sivakami Sara Simons

1. Kim Katami, Open Heart-founder and head teacher. Bhumi 8/13, picture taken 2/2016. Awakening (1st bhumi) in 11/2011. Began full time practice in 2003, tantric practice in 12/2006.

Bhumi 9/13:

3. Tiia Maaninen, Open Heart-teacher. Bhumi 4/13, picture taken 2/2016. Awakening (1st bhumi) in 4/2014. Began Open Heart-practice in 9/2012.

Bhumi 5/13:

Bhumi 6/13:

4. Verna Miettunen, Open Heart-teacher. Bhumi 3/13.
Awakening (1st bhumi) in 4/2014. Began Open Heart-practice in 5/2010.

Bhumi 4/13:

Bhumi 5/13:

5. PH, Open Heart-teacher. Bhumi 4/13.
Awakening (1st bhumi) in 11/2013. Began Open Heart-practice in 1/2012.

Bhumi 5/13:

Bhumi 6/13:



6. Special case: Sivakami Sara Simons (1941-2010), Kim's teacher.  
Bhumi: 7/13, picture 1 taken in 1992.

 Close up of Sivakami Sara Simons' eyes. Bhumi: 9/13, picture 2 taken in 2007.