keskiviikko 24. helmikuuta 2016

Pointing out to Selfless Awareness

Pointing out to Selfless Awareness

A bit from a Guidance to Awakening-dialogue:

- You know, people assume that there is this "me" here, sitting at it's throne inside the head. All people assume that and when they describe themselves to other people, they describe the history of their life as relative beings, basing their story to the false assumption that there is a "me" here, inside this body, who really has experienced all these ups and downs. Right? The notion of "me" is the foundation of our life story. It's always, "me this or me that, me totally this or me totally not that", it goes on and on. There is a life story of happenings and experiences that each of us have. Sure. There is no denying of these happenings in this relative life. But what happens is that as we take this relative story and the notion of "me" so seriously, by doing so, we lose a larger context how it actually is. By believing in a magic trick, in illusion, we lose the actual reality of ourselves... And hence, we get lost. This is existential ignorance, the root of confusion and suffering.

- Our "true being" is not the "me", some sort of entity identified with the name "Kim" who is "37 years old", a Finnish citizen and so on and so on. All these defitions are our relative conditions that we as embodied beings have but that is not our true being, our true nature. Our true being, our true face, is beyond that. Our true being is the selfless awareness which cannot be measured and has no attributes. This awareness is always there in our minds, both when it is recognised consciously and when it is not recognised consciously. We may go through our whole life being completely identified with a limited sense of self, but this selfless awareness that is always awake and clear, never goes away. It is these also between thoughts and emotions. And in fact, thoughts and emotions are just a body how it manifests itself. So. Be smart. Don't ask me questions and assume things. You are in this trouble of being deluded and defined as "self", because you made an assumption of yourself as an entity in the first place.

- I'll end this with a variation of mine on zen-master Dogen's famous quote: To find our awakened nature, one has to study the self. To study the self, is to look at the self in order to see through it. By seeing through it, the selfless nature of all things is revealed. When the realisation of the selfless nature extends and becomes encompassing, only selfless awareness of clarity exists, without existing, or non-existing. Then enlightenment is forgotten, as it is the way how things naturally rest in clarity.

Baba Kim Katami

Open Heart,